Mondo Guerra

A Little More Personal (Raw) with…Mondo Guerra on Loverboy

Mondo Guerra

Featured Photo: Melanie Watson

Loverboy Magazine in-depth interview which you can read more about HERE.

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  1. Madeline

    Where there is a high graphic element that’s where I’m at. The optic dress will layer nicely for fall in Seattle. Thank you for creating it.

    1. Suzanne

      OMG I just watched the rerun of all stars on Hulu I’d watched it before I didn’t see if Mondo one yet yes they were all very beautiful collections but the reason I so much love Mondo designs I’m from Colorado to but that’s not why LOL his clothes don’t look like everybody else is out there on the racks oh my God that gorgeous black and white dress with the one red cuff and the black and white design in the middle o my God I would have wore that in a heartbeat because it doesn’t look like every other dress on the rack and then the the little pants suit with the big pockets and Tommy Hilfiger was saying I think you need to Tone those down NO NO NO that was one detail that really made those slacks different than everybody else is slacks out beside the beautiful cut of the pants. All three of you designers had beautiful collections you did but like Michael’s collection you could go into any store in the United States and find those types of dresses they look like everybody else’s I don’t want that!!! I could go into any store and pick one of those off the rack that look exactly like his that’s so BORING to me I want clothes that MAKE a STATEMENT and any Confident Woman can pull those type of clothes off!! and believe me the compliments never stop coming.. and if you have a good figure they would just really enhance that your clothes are so well made and just so different that’s what I like about them I get bored with going shopping because all the clothes look the flipping same I think some designers especially those ones that are very well-known like hilfigure and the other one that was a judge I think they lose what people the regular consumer really wants in clothes I truly do I love your designs Mondo please don’t ever go mainstream and your design aesthetic please stick to your way of Designing I would die to have that dress any of your dresses I would die to have any of them oh my God gorgeous the only problem is I’m too old now but I just I love love love your clothes your tops your slacks I mean you the best designer I’ve seen in many many years if I was to go in the store a decade ago and saw your designs I would definitely buy them I usually go into stores and end up walking out because if I’ve already mentioned all the clothes look the same there’s not that wow factor there’s not that I want something nobody else is going to have! I don’t want to see somebody else wearing the same dress I’m wearing maybe not even on the same day but that will never happen with your clothes because they are so different and beautiful and well-constructed for regular figures you can tell that and the design aspect is just to dye for mawesome thank you for sharing

  2. Rose

    Hi Mondo (hopefully this really is Mondo). I just really wanted to let you know how much I love you and everything you stand for. I watched Project Runway since I was nine years old. I always had a favorite designer per season but it wasn’t until you that I actually wanted to wear everything you created. It was exactly my dream style and everything you’ve done since still is. It made me feel like I actually do have a voice in style. Someone understood what I wanted out of clothing. So I just wanted to thank you so much. Good luck in the future. I’ll be following your career. Heck, I’m in school for documentary production. Maybe one day we could work together. Thanks again!

  3. Katie

    Hi mondo,
    I just wanted to say a quick “I love you”! You have inspired me to be myself and experience the freedom of a life well lived. I have a serious chronic disease and have been feeling very depressed! You,along with project runway have given me life and inspired me to start creating my own art therapy! You have saved me life and a mere thank you doesn’t seem like enough! Love, katie

  4. Lizzie

    Mondo I wish I was a few sizes smaller because after just watching Season 8 I love your clothes and even though I’m now 64 & I definitely would wear some of them! Congratulations on your success.

  5. Cecy

    Mondo i’ve just finish watching Proyect Runnway season 8 in this same minute (on NETFLIX LATINOAMERICA), i’m from Bolivia, & i just wanted u to know that u were the ONLY WINNER OF THE SHOW, what u’ve transmited to people is so amazing that my only wish for someone as talented as u is A LIFE FULL OF SUCCES, JOY & GOD BLESS UR PURE SOUL (cause that’s what u’ve transmitted) CONGRATS FOR ALL UR MAGICAL CREATIONS! (I really hope u read this) WISH U THE BEST ALWAYS!!

  6. Lucia B

    Hello Mondo!

    I was so excited when I found your website so I can finally tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me. You grew so much from when I first saw you in Project Runway, embracing who you are in a way that I hope I get to do one day. Keep being awesome and I wish you the best.

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