All Star Rewind—with Yolanda McCarthy: Episode #6

pras-rr-ep6-mondo-fFebruary 12, 2012—Denver, CO—Welcome back, my Project Runway mates for another All Stars Rewind!  This week’s challenge found the designers in a fashion face off!  They were paired up in two’s to create sportswear for a seasonal weekend getaway.  For a couple of the designers, the fashion gloves came off!

This week’s viewing party at the Beauty Bar Denver for Mondo’s All Star Thursdays was fun filled and action packed!  We were honored to have in attendance, the talented and incredibly witty Jerell Scott!  In addition to our resident sponsors, popchips and vitaminwater, the local perfume division of folieM also joined us.  folieM will be launching their 4 new fragrances in the very near future and each scent is created to identify with a specific female characteristic.  This girl plans to buy all 4 starting with eMpowered!

In the spirit of the challenge, the sponsors held face off competitions of their own during the evening.  The first was between the two new popchips flavors: Sweet Potato vs. Chili Lime.  Next, folieM offered samples of their new scents:  eMmoral, eMpassioned, eMpulsive and eMpowered

Back to the show, the challenge was tough for the designers.  It was clear that the crowd was not in agreement with the harsh judgment received of Mondo for his design, especially given the fact that Mondo had created the design in honor of his Mom’s 60th birthday (and the design was fabulous . . . come on!)  Also – things got a little snarky between Jerell and Michael Costello during the challenge with Mondo commenting during dinner with Michael and Jerell, “This reminds me of dinner at my house.”  Michael C. asked “Spaghetti?”  Mondo replied “No, awkward.”

pras-rr-ep6-jerell-fIn the end, Jerell was declared the winner of the challenge and the Beauty Bar crowd showed their full support.  Congrats, Jerell!

The evening ended with Jerell and Mondo sharing some reactions about the challenge and Mondo expressed his disappointment at the severity of the criticism from guest judge Cynthia Rowley.  (See the extended viewing clip for more details.)

Jerell shared his thoughts regarding Michael C’s design similarities but also assured the crowd that there were no hard feelings.  Finally, everyone was invited to join in the photo booth and get pics with Mondo and Jerell.

Mark your calendars to attend Mondo’s All Star Auction next Thursday to benefit Denver Colorado Aids Project (DCAP)!  Tickets are on sale now for $10 and will be $15 at the door.  Don’t wait to get your tickets as this is going to be a sold out show and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bid on donations from some of the Project Runway All Stars designers and judges.

See you next week!

Your girl,

Yolanda McCarthy