All Star Rewind—with Yolanda McCarthy: Episode #8

jamaicaFebruary 27, 2012—Denver, CO—Hello again, Project Runway Friends!  It’s time for another segment of All Stars Rewind!  The challenges are flying by far too quickly so let’s pause and take a moment to reflect on the events of last Thursday’s viewing party.

The designers’ challenge for Episode 8 was to create a look inspired by a particular country’s flag.  Mondo chose Jamaica based on the colors of that flag.

As usual, there was a great turnout at the Beauty Bar Denver, and the sponsors were exceptional as well.  In addition to our fabulous weekly regulars, popchips and vitaminwater, we also had in attendance Mondo’s favorite eyewear store, SEE Eyewear.

One of the auction items from the DCAP auction during the previous week was a pair of glasses from SEE Eyewear, including selection assistance from none other than our very own Mondo.  The lucky bidder for that item was Kelly Shortandqueer and so the evening’s festivities began with a video of that shopping trip.

During a commercial break, representatives from SEE Eyewear conducted a trivia challenge and handed out prizes to the audience.  One of the questions was “How many pairs of SEE glasses does Mondo own?”  After much guessing, someone finally guessed the correct answer, which is 11!  He wears them well!  SEE also raffled off a couple of great prizes and when Mondo pulled out the winning name for the grand prize, everyone was surprised to hear that Kelly Shortandqueer was the lucky winner!!  Congrats Kelly!!

Back to the show; the challenges continue to get tougher as does the competition; however, the best continue to rise to the top and Mondo, once again was declared the winner!  The dress was a stand out in its elegance and simplicity!  Mondo continues to rock the runway!

The crowd stayed on to watch a new edition to the evening called After the Runway, which brings together the remaining cast of Project Runway All Stars.  There’s no such thing as too much Project Runway All Stars!!

Make sure and join us next week at Beauty Bar Denver for more fun & fashion at Mondo’s All Star Thursdays!  Maybe Mondo will share some stories from his Oscar’s On The Red Carpet commentary!!

See you next week!

Your girl,

Yolanda McCarthy