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pras-rr-ep4-mondo-fIn episode 4 of Project Runway All Stars, the designers were challenged to create a tasteful outfit inspired by the colors and flavors of a equally tasteful dessert . . . gelato!

In keeping with the theme of the challenge, Mondo’s All Star Thursdays welcomed Amore Gelato as a guest sponsor.  As a special treat for the viewing crowd on Thursday, Amore Gelato created a flavor called “Mondo Melon” as a nod to the gelato flavor he chose for the challenge.

Mondo said, “I’m gonna have my cantaloupe and eat it too!”

Back to the episode–if the gelato-inspired theme wasn’t difficult enough, the designers’ abilities were further tested by the 6-hour time frame they had within which to create their design.  This was the shortest challenge in Project Runway history!

When Diane Von Furstenburg was introduced during the program, Michael C. was just as excited at the viewing event as he was during the show.  It was clear that DVF was just as excited with Michael as she told him during his judges review, “Michael, you gotta call me after the show!”  I wonder if he has…?!

Jerell Scott’s comment about Mondo’s dress was that it “embodied the feel of cantaloupe but in a modern abstract way.”  When Mondo saw his dress come down the runway, he said “My mouth waters for a slice of cantaloupe!” In the end, Michael Costello was deemed the winner of the challenge while April Johnston was sent home.

408084_335889633112418_140628455971871_1077824_1578534375_nMake sure and join us next week at Mondo’s All Stars Thursdays at Beauty Bar Denver!  There will be the re-purposed t-shirt contest as well as a number of other fun surprises.

Also – be sure and mark your calendar to attend a special event on February 16.  The guest for the evening, will be none other than the fabulous Peach Carr and there will be a live and silent auction with all proceeds to go the Colorado Aids Project Denver region.

See you next Thursday!

The Beauty Bar is located at 608 East 13th Avenue Denver, CO 80203 and the doors open at 6:00 pm.