Mondo Guerra Shoot at Maxine Salon

When Joey Grant and stylist Josh Shores, two of the faces behind Mint Male, came to us with the proposition of a Mondo Guerra photo shoot at the salon, we were all over it. We’re still spinning from the robbery he endured last season on Project Runway, but Mondo is as engaging, talented, and lovable as ever. Take a look, then check out the photos from the shoot below!

MondoBehindTheChairAccording to Amy Abramite, our creative director, “He’s an amazing talent with a down-to-earth attitude, and an absolute pleasure to work with.” The resulting collaboration was—as expected—pretty amazing, and was even featured in Behind the Chair Magazine.

Stylists Amy Abramite, Adrianne Johnston and Marie Nicasio were excited to take on Mondo’s vision for the hair at the shoot. Inspired in part by Lady Gaga’s “Fame Monster” bob, Mondo was looking for two things in particular: platinum and frizz. “Mondo is beyond creative and had a very futuristic vision. He wanted strong shapes and dull white hair,” said Adrianne. “The only way to achevie that is by working with wigs.”

Working with Mondo every step of the way, Amy, Adrianne, and Marie carved out avant-garde silhouettes in several of the wigs.

“We singed the wigs with flat irons to get frizz, and brushed them with a natural bristle brush,” said Amy. Armed with their newly fried white wigs and glossy black lips, the models were styled by Mondo, with help from and Leslie Shores.

MondoShootsmPhotographer Bret Grafton did an amazing job—but we don’t have to tell you that. Take a look at the photos and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. We’d like to thank Mondo Guerra for spending the day with us, and the Mint Male team for putting this incredible collaboration together. Go, Mondo!

Mondo Guerra Shoot at Maxine Salon. See all photos.