Mondo Illustration Contest Winner–Maryellen Skulski

Mondo Illustration Contest Winner, Maryellen Skulski

Mondo Illustration Contest Winner, Maryellen Skulski

Where do you live and what is your occupation?
I live outside of Boston, MA, and work doing graphics for a civil engineering company.  I do all sorts of things, including photo simulations of proposed projects (i.e. roads, bridges).  The most exciting part of my job is I get to take aerial photos from a helicopter to either use as a base of a photo sim, or of completed projects.

What was the inspiration behind your design?
I wanted to feature the scissors, and had the idea to place them like a bow tie, but also like a modern “Jolly Roger.”  I feel Mondo’s style is very bold and graphic, so I wanted the look of the design to reflect that, which is why I went with a ‘comic’ style of drawing and used black and white with bright colors.

How does it feel to be a contest winner?
I’m BEYOND excited. It’s feels great to win something, but the fact that Mondo–a designer with a fabulous sense of style–liked my design is a huge compliment!


Maryellen Skulski’s winning design