Mondo’s Unconventional Style Tips

–Brought to you by popchips!

One of my favorite parts about Project Runway is the notorious unconventional challenge.  I love to see the innovation and creativity that emerges when designers have to work with unfamiliar materials.  But what fascinates me the most about the unconventional challenges is the theme of transformation.

Sometimes people get comfortable in their daily uniforms.  They stop taking risks, become resistant to change, or simply forget to make personal time.  Fashion offers the ultimate medium for transformation.  Few things are as immediate and noticeable as a change of outfit.  To give your next look some extra life, here are a few of my favorite unconventional style tips.


Mix Your Patterns, Textures, & Prints

I’ve always been inspired by collages of different shapes, colors, and lines.  Try incorporating two different patterns or prints in a layered look for a jolt of interest to the eye.  Or go monochromatic and vary the textures of your garments to give depth and range.  Play around and see what strikes a good balance for your tastes!


photo by Jeff Ball

Color Outside the Lines

I am a big fan of color.  I love bright, bold, beautiful, dramatic color!  But color can be intimidating to many.  If your closet is starting to look a little too one-toned, consider branching out and choose a new color—something different!  You would be surprised to see how something as simple as another color can really refresh your wardrobe.


Be an Original

Trust your instincts when it comes to your own style.  Create a signature look that expresses your proudest qualities.  Incorporate different elements from your life that inspire you.  Explore what makes you unique and then celebrate it.  The pompadour, bowtie, tuxedo shorts, fancy socks, & glasses look worked for me!

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