Starting Small, Dreaming Big

New Chevron Dress now available at

New Chevron Dress now available at

I left for “Project Runway” season eight with $14 to my name.  But what I lacked in funds, I more than made up for with big dreams.

Fast forward almost four years later and many of those dreams are coming true.  I have an exclusive collection of frames and sunglasses with SEE Eyewear, an upcoming shoe collaboration with Crocs, a rewarding role in HIV/AIDS advocacy work and the incredibly good luck to be part of Tim Gunn’s new show “Under the Gunn” on Lifetime.  I am ridiculously grateful.

But the question I get asked over and over again is where can we buy your clothes??  Believe me, I’ve been trying.  After a few false starts and disappointments, it seemed like my dream of offering my own designs was becoming more like a nightmare. Creating and expressing myself came easy.  The business side?  Well, let’s just say I’m working on it.But I learned from my mistakes , focused my expectations and kept pushing forward.  It can be overwhelming — not to mention expensive — to produce an entire collection.  So I decided to start small — small runs of one design at a time, produced in my home state, Colorado.

I’m excited to say that the first design of the Mondo Guerra label is finally ready to share — my Color Block Chevron Dress!  It’s a 3/4 sleeve version of my challenge-winning, ready-to-wear dress from season eight’s L’oreal challenge.  As a creative person, I live for the moment that my vision comes to life, so I’m very proud of this accomplishment.I understand that this dress isn’t for everyone.  Some of my Facebook fan page friends have voiced their opinions about size and the market for different body types.  Let me just say — I have love for women of all sizes.  I have a family full of real women who I can’t forget, after all.

But I have to start small.  I can’t dress everybody.  At least, not yet.  As I build my brand and my business, I hope I have the honor of dressing women of all sizes.  I hear my curvy customers loud and clear!  Keep an eye out.To all of my friends and supporters, thank you for continuing to believe in me and my dreams.  I can’t wait to share more designs with you.

Always dream big…!!XO,

PS:  Let’s be kind to each other, no matter what number is on the label. <3