Tim Says “Balderdash!” to Bullying Claims

1977465_10153986389090113_1989182062_n“For the last two weeks I have been reading angry comments in response to the perception that Natalia was bullied on the show. To that I say, “Balderdash!” Does anyone think that I would tolerate such a thing? I have a great deal of affection and respect for Natalia and have know her for 14 years; she was a student of mine at Parsons and I can attest to her high level of talent and aptitude. At the same time, she can drive me — and everyone else — to despair. While at Mood, her inability to make decisions would lengthen our trip by 20 to 40 minutes (I would call time and her fabric would still be uncut), the consequence being less time in the workroom. Understandably, this angered the designers and mentors. She constantly sought affirmation for her work from the other designers, too, thereby distracting them and taking up more of their time. Finally, she was incapable of calibrating her design and execution ambitions to our timeframe. It was frustrating and soul-sucking for all. Let me conclude by stating that everyone — designers, mentors, me — only wanted Natalia to succeed. And we only wish her the greatest success.”